The number of cyber attacks are at an all-time high with no signs of slowing down. To make matters worse, cyber criminals are focusing on small to midsize businesses, as they see you as easy targets compared to large organizations with dedicated IT security teams.

Don’t fall victim to these cyber criminals, and don’t stress about adding dedicated headcount to stay ahead of these advanced attacks. Focus on what you do best, and let us take care of all your security needs without disrupting day-to-day business operations – providing you with peace of mind.

Panda and Watchguard offer a full suite of managed security solutions that prevent, detect and respond to the most sophisticated types of threats, while providing everything from initial design, deployment and configuration, to ongoing management, monitoring, and reporting for continuous, up-to-the-minute protection.

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Growing your business in a digital world comes with different IT challenges than when all was primarily built on on-premises security. That’s why the demand for managed services is increasing significantly.

Investing in cybersecurity with the support of a managed service provider (MSP) is the proactive choice for many organizations because it results in a more cost-effective IT strategy that impacts scalability and provides the invaluable advantage that is continued, trusted IT support.


Goal: Eliminate cybersecurity challenges

1. Manual processes and outdated cybersecurity tools: It’s common that despite wanting to improve IT operations, internal limitations prevent teams from implementing advanced and more automated security controls to better monitor, detect and respond to attacks.

2. Use of disconnected tools: Cybersecurity technologies must be purchased, tested, configured, and monitored on an ongoing basis. Many organizations have neither the time nor resources to manage this situation. Working with an MSP means you get access to the latest security tech, as well as covered management and maintenance.

3. Cybersecurity IT skills gap: The lack of qualified talent continues to be a struggle across industries. There are simply not enough skilled professionals in these roles to meet the demand. But hiring and retaining IT professionals doesn’t have to be a problem for you to solve.

4. Comprehensive security without spending more: Managed services deliver resilience and advanced protection solutions. As an MSP, you get to choose the solutions that work for your organization (on-premises, remote, Cloud-based), without having to make major financial investments.

5. Expert support and continuous visibility: Build a robust security strategy knowing that a dedicated team is there to monitor, manage and respond when needed.

6. Agility that improves business continuity: Automation reduces the number of actions you need to take to keep your security ahead of the latest threats. Choose an MSP that has a proven track record of improving efficiencies and that can manage your security in a multi-tier, multi-tenant Cloud platform.

• Top security technologies
• Access to top IT talent
• Dedicated team
• Expert industry insights

Goal: Integrate advanced security technologies that will scale up with your business and keep the upfront investment low.


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Leverage the advantage of working with an experienced managed service provider to get trusted insider knowledge about the security infrastructure your organization needs.

MANAGEMENT We work with you to understand your needs, and then design, deploy, and configure the perfect security solution for your business, whether it’s the network, Wi-Fi, or endpoints – for both physical and virtual environments.

PROTECTION We build and enforce security policies to protect your data with intelligent prevention, detection, and response services that provide total security against the most advanced threats, including ransomware and evolving malware.

VISIBILITY We offer reporting services to demonstrate increased value in your IT investments, regulatory compliance adherence, and a clear understanding of your business environment, including customer analytics through Wi-Fi engagement.

Your Business, Our Managed Security. Focus On What You Do Best, and Let Us Handle Your Security.


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